Lead Recycling division

Lead Recycling Division deals with the purchase and recycling of lead and lead alloys wastes, which in 80% ofthe cases means used lead batteries. The products range consists of lead and its alloys in ingots.


Products division

Product Division deals with the production and sale of a wide spectrum of products on the basis of lead and tin. The whole assortment, which represents approximately 2,000 items, canbe divided into four groups – soft solders, cast alloys, lead products and semi-products made and airgun ammunitions.


E-scrap division

The E-scrap division expands the ecological services of the firm to include the processing of discarded wastes of electric and electronic equipment (WEEE).


Precious metals division

Precious Metal division deals with the purchase of, the ecologically harmless use and recycling of wastes (secondary raw materials) containing precious metals (gold, silver, palladium, platinum, rhodium).

Kovohutě Příbram is an important processor of lead waste in the Czech
Republic. Eighty percent of the lead waste generated is lead-acid batteries. We also accept other kinds of waste, such as lead lead, stationary traction batteries and lead-containing dust. Kovohutě Příbram thus provide an important ecological service for the Czech Republic.

We buy and recycle waste containing precious metals such as gold, silver, palladium, platinum or rhodium. It is a wide group of wastes, including sorted waste with precious metals from electrical waste, and copper, Ms, Fe, bronze, sludge, ashes, waste from the photographic industry and wastes from physico-chemical waste treatment (stabilized / solidified wastes) and other wastes containing precious metals.

Kovohutě Příbram as part of its ecological services for a wide area offers the members of OHK Příbram, all entrepreneurs, schools and citizens a collection of all electrical waste incl. lamps and light sources (fluorescent lamps, energy saving bulbs, lamps for distribution or lighting control as well as light bulbs) and other wastes containing mercury.

Kovohutě Příbram offers citizens 24-hour service 7 days a week, when the company can receive and hand over waste for ecological processing. A free electrical waste collection point is located at the company‘s reception. We also buy waste from car wrecks (autocatalysts), all types of classic batteries (dry cells, pencils, etc.) and we recycle polypropylene from lead batteries.


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Lead wastes, Batteries


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E-scrap, Wastes containing Precious Metals, Car Catalyzers, Wastes of Car Wrecks

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